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Download المهرجان المنتظر بجنون ( كانسر الحب ) 2020 1.0 APK For Android

Download المهرجان المنتظر بجنون ( كانسر الحب ) 2020 1.0 APK For Android

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About this app:

Here is another great APP المهرجان المنتظر بجنون ( كانسر الحب ) 2020 1.0 for Android 4.0.3+ and up. This APP listed in Music & Audio category of Google APP store. This APP is developed by tudo. The com-id of this app is com.eltudo.abul.This app is easy to download and install to your mobile. Download APP by using mobile browser, then click on install, before installation process don't forget to allow app installation from unknown sources . We are providing direct installation source from Play Store,and also providing high speed downloading source . APKpure.vip just a source for to provide freeware and original APPS and Games shared by our editors for your home / personal use only . In case of any complaint / copyright regarding , المهرجان المنتظر بجنون ( كانسر الحب ) 2020 1.0 then please directly contact us via Contact Form and provide some evidence / Ownership Proof regarding this APP, Our tech staff will down / delete APP with in 24-48 hours.... كلمات المهرجان :-
اسمع قصه اتنين احباب - كانو سكنين الباب فى الباب
قالو لبعض نعيش ونكمل - ايام فرح مفهاش عزاب
والبت سعاده الفرح فيها - حبيبها معاها ديما جمبيها
والمرض جرى فى جسمها - مسكينه ومين هيحتويها
صحبها كانو بيعيروها - عرفو مرضها اتجنبوها
مبقتش تروح خالص جلستها - جرحو مشاعرها دول كسروها
كرهت الحياه مش عايزه تعيش - قالت للفرح روح متجيش
واحد وقع فى حبها - وهى معاه نفسها تعيش
بكل قلبو وحبها - ديما مقرب منها
رجعت عشانو تاخد جلستها - ما اهو ميعرفش الى عندها
الدكتوره قالت دى كانت فين - اربع شهور فات جلستين
المرض انتشر فى جسمها - خلاص هتموت بعد اسبوعين
صحبها اتصلو بحبيبها قالولو - حبيبتك تعبانه مرضوش يحكولو
ركب عربيتو وجرى بسرعه - انقلبت بيه من كتر زهولو
الناس قوام اتلمت عليه - حادثه كبيره الناس حوليه
وسعتها كانت الحادثه كبيره - جالو تعب اتعمى فى عينيه
وعن حبيبتو ما يعرفش حاجه - كفايا المرض الى فيه يا ساده
رحتلو المستشفى عشان تزورو - ودموع عينيها جواها حبساها
اتكلمت معاه بكل برود - ومن جواها دى كانت بتموت
مشوار حبنا لازم ننهيه - طريق حبنا اخرو مسدود
افتكر انها بعته اوام - وحبها شىء من الاوهام
عمل عمليه ونظرو رجع - وقلبو ناوى ع الانتقام
اتصل بيها قالها قبلينى - مستنييكى فى النادى وحشتينى
شافها جايه متغيره - قالها مالك بقا صرحينى
شكلها متغير وعقلو غاب - لابسه بس على راسها كاب
فين البنت الى انا حبيتها - قلبى اتجرح شوفت العزاب
قالتلو انتا اصلا مش شايفنى - انتا يدوب من صوتى تعرفنى
اخلص كنت عايزنى فى ايه - قول الى عندك خلينى امشى
قالها مش مشكله عديها - بس المسك لمسه اخيره
عمل نفسه مش واخد بالو - وزق الكاب كدا من عليها
الناس فضلت تضحك عليها - مفيش رحمه ونفسها كسروها
وهوا فضل مكانو مصدوم - وهما فضلو بيعيروها
بعديها عرف قصتها - وخد بعضو وعلى بيتها
بس هيا كانت تعبانه - مرضها زاد وجات نهايتها
قالها ليه خبيتى عليا - انتى حبيبتى ونور عينيا
قالتلو كنت خايفه اظلمك - بس اوعى ايدك تسيب ايديا
وانا من قلبى حبيبتك بجد - وطريقنا طلع فى اخرو سد
اصل الموت ده مش ايدى - وبجد فعلا حيلى اتهد
بس فى حاجه مفرحانى - انى هموت وانتا بين احضانى
وكويس انك انتا بخير - خليك فاكرنى اوعاك تنسانى
وقعت ايدو من ايديها - والفرحه باينه جوه عينيها
حبيبتو خلاص سابتو وراحت - فضل يصرخ يبكى عليها
ليه يا مرض ختها منى - دى كانت حبيبتى وشايله عنى
خلاص بعدتى عنى يا غاليه - يارب ماليش غيرك صبرنى
عايش ياما حافظ صورتها - جوه قلبى حافر وحطتها
بصرخ تملى على قبرها - عايز حبيبتى الى انا حبيتها Festival words: -
Hear the story of two lovers - they were sliding the door in the door
They said to some: We live and complete. The days of Farah are not singles
And the happiness is decided by her joy - her beloved is with her, always her fans
And the disease took place in her body - poor and who will contain it
They accompanied her and they used to sell her - knew her illness, avoid her
Mabkash goes to her session - hurt her feelings, broken states
I hated life, I don't want to live - she said to the joy of an embryonic spirit
One fell in love with her - and she lives with her
With all her heart and love - always close to her
She came back to take her session - she didn't know where she was
The doctor said that it was Fein - four months ago, two sessions
The disease has spread to her body - salutation that will die after two weeks
Accompany her, call her lover, they said, "Your sweetheart is tired, sick and happy."
Arabetto rode and ran quickly - flipping over him from the Zhulo Cutter
People are strength I have been accustomed to - great accident people around me
It was a big accident - Gallo, tired and blind in his eyes
Habibto doesn’t know what he needs - enough sickness for him, gentlemen
They went to the hospital to visit - with tears in her eyes that kept her locked up
She talked coldly to him - and whoever died, she was dying
The path of our love must be ended - our path of love is another dead end
I think she sold him illusions - and she loved her with delusions
He did an operation and looked back - and turned against Naw for revenge
He called me and said it before me - I miss you in the club and miss you
Jaya saw a variable - Malik said it remained true to me
She has a variable shape and a absent mind - wearing only a cap
Where is the girl that I loved, my heart hurt, I saw bachelors
They said: You are originally, you do not see me - you come from my voice you know me
Sincerely, you want me in what - say to you, let me walk
He said it is not a problem except her - but she caught one last touch
He did himself and did not take Palo - tear the cap off
People preferred to laugh at her - there was no mercy and her soul broke her
It is the virtue of a traumatic place - and they are preferable to sell it
Then he knew her story - take a member and her house
But come on, she was tired - her illness increased and her end came
Why did my disappointment say to me - You are my love and light in kind
They said you were afraid to darken you - but I am aware of your hands, my hands
And I am hard from your sweetheart - and our way came up in the last dam
The origin of death, this is not my hands - and I find it really difficult
But I need Mofrani - I died while you were in my arms
And it's good that you are fine - keep in mind, don't forget me
Edo fell out of her hands - and the joy was in his eyes
I loved Sapto's salvation and she was gone - a shout crying over her
Why my disease that I had from me - it was my girlfriend and Shayla about me
Salvation, my distance from me, my dear - Lord Malish, others patience
Ayyam Hafez live her image - the heart of my heart hoof and put her
With a shout dictating her grave - I want my girlfriend to love her

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