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ギルドメンバー・フレンドで力を合わせ強大な敵を撃破し激レア報酬をゲットしよう! ▼ Recommended RPG for these people ▼
・ I want to enjoy free games
・ I want to play popular games in the ranking
・ I like RPG games anyway!
・ I want to play a strategic game
・ If you want to enjoy RPG in a card battle
・ Beginning role-playing game
・ I like games with monsters and dragons

■ Characteristics of Monster Master ■

▼ Simple super easy operability ▼
Simple and deep command input method.
Build decks with your favorite roles such as physical attackers, magic attackers, healers, tankers, buffers, debufferers.
Defeat powerful boss monsters using various roles and strategies!

▼ Royal road system ▼
The monster evolution by the evolution material to the monster reinforcement by the monster synthesis.
Employs royal road system such as monster awakening.

The deck is a combination of 5 monsters.
Build the strongest deck!

▼ Guild Friend ▼
Real-time multiplayer with high sociality is possible in the guild! Join forces with guild members and aim for the strongest guild!
Enemies that cannot be defeated alone will ask guild friends to help!
Join forces with guild members and friends to destroy powerful enemies and get super rare rewards!

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Download モンスターマスターU 0.9.80 APK For AndroidDownload モンスターマスターU 0.9.80 APK For AndroidDownload モンスターマスターU 0.9.80 APK For Android
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