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這是一款在空中 飄來飄去——撞來撞去 的游戲,似零重力漂浮。


這是一款利用 慣性飄移 的游戲,你說你開車多年還很擅長利用慣性飄移甩尾過彎,戰勝過秋名山上的衆多高手,所以很想來這個 空中飄移 的游戲試試?


這是一款 “無法控制” 的游戲,如果你習慣了點 點 點精確控制的游戲,這裏你會很不適應,手、脚、頭和武器都不受控制,你想用武器去撞他的頭,可爲何變成了用頭去撞他的武器?



但這個破游戲真的很有意思,所以我現在還在玩,如果有興趣你可以來找我,我ID叫 拓空飄散的D





若有任何疑問,請E-mail我們至:[email protected] This is a game that is floating in the air-bumping around, like zero gravity floating.

You see me floating around, using inertia to move around, frequently hit your important parts with your hands, feet and weapons.

This is a game that uses inertial drift. You said that you have been good at using tail drift for many years to drive, and have overcome many masters on Qiu Mingshan, so I really want to try this air drift game?

You can give it a try, but don’t underestimate the difference between air and land, otherwise you think anyone can be an air force?

This is an "uncontrollable" game. If you are accustomed to a little bit of precise control, you will be very uncomfortable here. Your hands, feet, head and weapons are not controlled. You want to use a weapon to hit him Why did the head become a weapon that hits him with his head?

You take this question and ask me, hey, old driver, how to play this broken game?

I said, lad, I practiced bumper car drifting for three months, so I dared to go to the Qiu Mingshan race and used inertial drift to flick the tail to defeat the well-known racing master for many years, but I played this broken game for three months, but still not Dare to say that in qualifying you can beat a fledgling novice like you.

But this broken game is really interesting, so I am still playing. If you are interested, you can come to me. My ID is Tuo Kong Piao D

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If you have any questions, please e-mail us to: [email protected] 1.增加亂鬥模式,體驗一對多的刺激戰鬥;

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Download 漂移亂鬥 0.0.36 APK For AndroidDownload 漂移亂鬥 0.0.36 APK For AndroidDownload 漂移亂鬥 0.0.36 APK For Android
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