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最高記録を更新したり対戦モードでスコアを競い合ったり、楽しみながら脳を鍛えましょう! ■ □ Million Download Done! □ ■
The popular free brain train appeared in numerous media such as "King's branch" and "Viking".
Rule is easy! Let's find only one kanji that is different from the kanji that are arranged side by side within 30 seconds. In commuting and school hours, in a little killing time, easy hands-on experience with Ahah!

【Features · Features】
· You can check the top 10 high scores and challenge your past records.
· Problems that could not be solved within the time limit can be checked slowly after the game is over.
· By using the posting function to Twitter or LINE, you can send your own high score on SNS.

【University professor is also acclaimed! 】
It was introduced at TBS TV program "King's branch" broadcasted on October 20, 2012. Associate Professor Okura of Saitama University Center for Brain Peripheral Sciences in the program "Searching for mistakes from similar characters is the most difficult ability for the brain and by repeating such training, The field is stimulated, and the information processing ability and attention are trained. "

【Recommended for people like this】
· Those who want to train concentration, attention, memory
· Those who want to easily train the brain
· Children learning kanji and their parents
· Elderly people who feel recently hardened their head
· Those who are looking for a kill time game of commuting / school hours
It is a game that anyone can enjoy easily from children like children and elementary school children to adults.

Let's train the brain with fun while updating the best record or competing in score in the match mode! アプリの最適化を行いました。

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Download 漢字間違い探し 9.1 APK For AndroidDownload 漢字間違い探し 9.1 APK For AndroidDownload 漢字間違い探し 9.1 APK For Android
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