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ARThings brings a Doom experience to your ARCore-devices. In ARThings you can fight Doom monsters in an AR environment and blast them away with iconic Doom weapons!

Notable features:
1) Monsters: Zombiemen, Shotgun guy, Chaingunner, Pinky demon and the Imp
2) Weapons: Shotgun, Chaingun and the Super Shotgun!
3) Game Play Services: 3 unlockable achievements and leaderboards
4) Pickable items such as health, armor, ammo and weapons!
5) Custom HUD
6) Random spawning of monsters always presents a fresh challenge!
7) Player damage

More details on v1.8:

ARThings requires ARCore:

Note: Doom was developed by id Software and is a property of ZeniMax Media. 1. Spawning of Baron of Hells
2. Spawning of Plasma Gun when killing Baron of Hells
3. Reduced the frequency of Chaingunners spawning
4. Gib animation for Zombies, Imps and Shotgun Guys
5. Logic to make missiles explode when too far
6. Fixed thrust & friction implementation
7. 3 new achievements - Picking up Plasma Gun, Killing Baron of Hell (Boss) and Gibbing a monster
8. Spawning of Blue Armor, clips, 4 shotgun shells, cells and cell packs
9. Fixed bug of monsters spawning too soon

Screen Shorts
Download ARThings 1.9 APK For AndroidDownload ARThings 1.9 APK For AndroidDownload ARThings 1.9 APK For Android
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