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Classic Bubble Breaker is a game that does not have age or language restrictions, is intuitive, conquering the world. It would seem that it could be simpler and more pleasant than popping bubbles? However, statistics show that people who initially spend time on bubbles in their leisure time are so drawn into popping balls that they begin to allocate 10-15 minutes a day for the game individually.

Often, the first impression of the bubbles is the brightness of the colors and the feeling of prevention of the motor skills of the fingers. And only after a person goes through a couple of levels, he begins to evaluate the puzzle differently.

Bubbles are a fun puzzle game. The work of the fingers turns into mechanical action. Eyes that randomly move around the field with bubbles collect and transmit information to the brain. And, precisely, our brain puts the most excellent effort into this game, and it has the main load. And, even knowing these aspects, the choice is yours. Just relax and pleasure from the sound of bursting bubbles or improving your skills.

Everything ingenious is simple! Yes, you can burst balls and, at the same time, arrange training for your mental abilities.

Diesel's Bubble Breaker is a free classic puzzle game that you just need to download on Android and continue to use it without an Internet connection. An update is optional.

The task of the game is simple - to clear the entire screen of bubbles that are combined into groups of 2 or more. When you click on the "couple", all adjacent bubbles of a given color disappear. Bubbles from the top fall into the resulting voids, and ultimately, new clusters can form.

The mental work is that it is necessary to anticipate the formation of color groups after breaking up the selected cluster; otherwise, you will get a huge bunch of single bubbles that will not bring you points.

The classic Bubble Breaker can be played endlessly. We are not easy to offer you just such a version of the game, because it is as similar as possible to the original classic Bubble Breaker in Windows mobile. Nothing extra! Graphics - to a minimum.
We play, enjoy, and nostalgic!

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Download Bubble Breaker 1.17 APK For AndroidDownload Bubble Breaker 1.17 APK For AndroidDownload Bubble Breaker 1.17 APK For Android
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