Download Family Locator 1.0.4 APK For Android

Family Locator simplifies your life by make it easier to keep connect with your family, saving time, money and energy!

Install Family Locator for free and you will be able to use:
—Create your private circle, choose your close family members and enjoy your private and secure circle
—View the real-time location of people on your private family map in your own private circles
—Easily invite your family to join your circles
—Enter the sharing invitation code in this family locator to join the private circle you want
—When you arrive at your destination, you can choose to check in to remind others that you have arrived safely. Of course, if you don't want to notify others, it is also possible!
—Assist you to see where your lost phone is

Real-time location sharing

Stay in touch with your entire family. Family Locator uses secure technology to help circle members see their location. Members in each circle can set their own avatars to make it easier for family members to recognize. For example, when you arrive at the train station, you can check in, and your family will know that you have arrived at the station. Family members do not have to keep asking "Have you arrived at the station" or "Where are you?" Family Locator helps to simplify your life and make it easier.
All you need to do is install Family Locator app on your phone and invite your family.

In order for our application to run properly, we need a few permissions. But don’t worry, we will assist you with the relevant procedures.
We will not display your location without your consent. This is a safe private family locator.

Family Locator app should be used with mutual consent

If you have any questions / questions / suggestions, please feel free to contact us.
Email: [email protected]

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Download Family Locator 1.0.4 APK For AndroidDownload Family Locator 1.0.4 APK For AndroidDownload Family Locator 1.0.4 APK For Android
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