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Kudosuit is a game of the most popular genre. You should guess what is implied on a picture and input a right answer in a given field. At the start you only have information about word length. There is a group of mostly random letters that includes right ones near the answer field. You can tap (click) these letters to fill empty fields with their values. If an entered word matches a right answer this level is considered as complete. In case if you get stacked there are three standard hints available. This hint costs some coins. You can earn them in a couple of ways. The first is to complete a level and get coins for it. The second is to watch an AD and to get coins as reward. And the third is to buy coins.

There are six game types:
✔️Erasure: Tap and drag erasing protection film with a spatula.
✔️Pixelated image: Pixelated original image. If you can't recognize it from the beginning, you can clear a little bit the image by using the button on the bottom left of the image.
✔️Planks: Tap the button on the bottom left of the image. Aiming and shooting planks to reveal the picture.
✔️Trivia questions: Choose the correct answer between four possible solutions.
✔️Four Pictures: You're shown 4 images that are united by meaning, and you have to guess the word that links them all, what they have in common?
✔️Default: Guess what is shown in the picture.

Can you unlock all 12 achievements? 🏆

There is one Leader-board in the game 🥇 🥈 🥉
Your score is calculated as follows:
➡️ 1000 * Completed categories + Current Coins
Your score will be submitted each time you complete a category

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Download Kudosuit 1.0 APK For AndroidDownload Kudosuit 1.0 APK For AndroidDownload Kudosuit 1.0 APK For Android
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