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Find the numbers by striking out the digits.

There's a digit next to each number. This indicates the number of digits of this number that are in the same position in the solution.

If the digit is 0, you can eliminate all the digits of that number at that position. If that is not the case, you can find the answer by comparing and applying logical reasoning.

You can fill in the solution in the empty boxes above each puzzle.

Are you not able to find the solution?
Click on the 'eye' symbol to see which digits are filled in correct or incorrect. When a digit in the solution box is filled in correctly this box will turn green. When the chosen digit is incorrect the box will turn red.

- Play with 3, 4, 5 or 6 digit numbers.
- Endless unique puzzles.
- Thousands of different numbers divided into 4 categories.
- Designed to play on tablets.
- The game is automatically saved to resume later.
- Reset the puzzle to start again from scratch.
- Can't find the solution? You can always continue with a new number.

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Download LogiBrain Numbers 1.3.1 APK For AndroidDownload LogiBrain Numbers 1.3.1 APK For Android
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