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"Learn How to Sprint Correctly!

Want to Boost Your Speed? Here’s How to Sprint Faster

Increasing your sprinting speed begins with knowing how to sprint properly. The proper stance, takeoff and form help to propel your body toward the finish line without wasting energy.

You might want to work with a running coach, or a qualified sprinter, to help perfect your running form. Another option is to have someone record your stance and sprint on camera to help you see where to make improvements so you can sprint properly.

When it comes to sprinting, your speed is largely determined by your technique. Other factors include your leg length, pelvis width, lean muscle mass and lung capacity. There are few biological factors that you can improve in a week and some are down to genetics, but you can work on your technique, such as your posture and foot strike. Whether you are sprinting for athletics or to improve your performance in other sports, changing your technique can help you reach your full potential.


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Download Sprint Speed Training (Guide) 1.0 APK For AndroidDownload Sprint Speed Training (Guide) 1.0 APK For Android
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